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The Associate Business Continuity Professional certification is for those who are new to our industry. ABCP certification supports entry-level proficiency with some knowledge in business continuity planning, but who have not yet acquired a great deal of experience in the field. Starting your career path in business continuity management through ABCP certification demonstrates to your peers, colleagues and management that professionalism within the industry is your goal.

The Certification Process

The ABCP level is for individuals with less than two years of industry experience, but who have minimum knowledge in business continuity management, and have successfully passed the Qualifying Exam. ABCP is for individuals with some knowledge in business continuity planning, but who have not yet acquired the necessary experience for certification at a higher level.

This certification designation also targets interested individuals who have expertise in a related field (such as marketing, or emergency response) or in fields not directly related to business continuity planning. Any Certified Professional holding the active status of ABCP may at anytime enhance their certification to CBCV, CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP by completing the application requirements for CFCP, CBCP, or MBCP, as well as the additional test/work requirements for MBCP. The application must conform to all the requirements applicable to the desired certification level. Those wishing to remain at the ABCP level of certification need only to pay their annual fee to maintain the active status of their certification.

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