DRI International offers a wide variety of certificate programs within the business continuity realm. Our courses include business continuity planning and business continuity plan audit, as well as specialized programs for healthcare and public sector continuity professionals. Our education and training programs include offerings designed to expand a student’s knowledge and focus of business continuity in a particular discipline or specific industry.

Upon successful completion of a course, students receive a course certificate. Students who hold an accreditation will earn Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs), one point per class hour towards recertification. For classes taught by DRI that result in a certificate, the certificate is worth two CEAPs. Click here to review the table for Continuing Education Activity Points.

DRI International is the premier organization for professional business continuity training and education worldwide and represents the highest standard of professional leadership and competency in the diverse discipline of business continuity planning. Through our education program, DRI International promotes a base of common knowledge for business continuity planning. Training is conducted in over 45 countries in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, and Russian. For those interested in training for a business continuity team, customized corporate training is also available, for information click here.

Please note that attendance and successful completion of a DRI International certificate course does not grant you DRI International certification. Certification is an additional process, comprised of verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience.

New: Individual course

Please contact if the course dates are not convenient; it is possible to change dates or individual training and study sessions are possible.

Training on your location is also possible.